Personal Qualities of a Medical Assistant

Most of us have had the help and support of a Medical Assistant while visiting a hospital or a physician’s office and hopefully, the interaction was pleasant one. It’s not just the information you learn, however, that ensures you will have the qualities of a Medical Assistants. In order to become successful in this field […] Read More

Medical Assisting- A Day in The Life

Medical Assisting is not just a job – it’s a highly rewarding profession with a diverse array of roles and responsibilities. A day in the life of a Medical Assistant is difficult to pinpoint because your day to day activities may differ depending on what type of practice you work for or department you work […] Read More

Hidden Healthcare Landscapes Beneath a Medical Assistant’s Day-to-Day

Learning to become a medical assistant includes a lot of information about basic anatomy, physiology and a host of other important facts.  What is covered in the medical assistant training course is certainly in-depth, but not perhaps as in-depth as the slide show linked here which shows what the amazing human body and its respective […] Read More

Better Looking Documents for Earning Medical Office Assistant Certification

Whether you’re a medical coding online student or you’re taking classes at the ground campuses to earn your medical office assistant certification, this information will be of value to you.  In fact, no matter what certification you earn studying at the Allen School, you’re bound to be preparing a resume for the job hunt and […] Read More

Medical Assistant Students: Ways to Manage Your Stress

Medical Assistant Students: Ways to Manage Your Stress. School can be challenging; even for the most relaxed students. For many, it’s the stress of going back to school for the first time in years. Student stress can be caused by a number of factors, including: Loneliness, feeling homesick or experiencing relationship difficulties Struggling to save […] Read More

What CNAs, Billing and Coding Pros and Medical Office Assistants Have in Common

The one thing that employed certified nursing assistants, medical billing and coding pros and medical office assistants have in common is an effective résumé.  Even with the strength of the hiring market for medical industry professionals, there is still a very competitive environment for those seeking work.  Getting the interview is not easy in any […] Read More

Medical Assistant Interview Tips: Appearance

Medical Assistant Interview Tips: Appearance. You don’t get a second chance at a first impression, and at job interviews, first impressions are vitally important. In just an hour, employers will get an idea of who you are, what your work ethic is, and whether you’ll fit their team. It all comes down to how you […] Read More

Gift Yourself a Job for the Holidays – Step Up Job Search

If you buy into the myth that holiday job searching is a waste of time, you are losing one of the better job searching seasons of the year. During this holiday job searching season, you enjoy reduced competition for jobs, easier access to decision makers who are actually in the office, and the opportunity to […] Read More