Yoga Benefits for Chronic Back Pain

Stand Out from the Crowd Allen School of Health Sciences Medical Assistant and Nursing Assistant students do you or someone you know suffer from lower back pain? Recently, there was a trial conducted that proved yoga can help relieve chronic lower back pain just as effectively as physical therapy. People who practiced yoga or physical therapy during a 12 week […] Read More

Physical Inactivity Effects

Staying Healthy According to WebMD physical inactivity can boost chances of being diagnosed with certain cancers. Are you sitting on the sofa and letting life pass you by? A new study suggests that being a couch potato can increase the risk of being diagnosed with kidney and bladder cancer. Individuals that had lifetime recreational inactivity saw an […] Read More

Sunny Summer: Wear Sunscreen

Sunny Allen School of Health Sciences wants our students to be reminded of the importance of wearing sunscreen during these warm and sunny months. We have been told our whole lives to wear sunscreen  n the market, so such as: hat, sunglasses, tance of applying for you and your family and use it.; however, a lot […] Read More

Why Start Classes in the Summer?

summer It is finally June, so the winter blues are behind us! Now is the perfect time to attend school while the weather is pleasant and warm. Allen School of Health Sciences has four simple reasons why you should attend school during the summer season. Weather – Living in a cold climate like New York City […] Read More

Patient Customer Service

shutterstock_149682191 Healthcare professionals are commonly focused solely on taking care of patient’s healthcare needs. However, at the Allen School of Health Sciences we want our Medical Assistant and Nurse Assistant students to be well rounded and provide patients with the ultimate customer experience. Patients should be treated as customers. Excellent customer service can contribute to patients […] Read More

Our Graduates are Everywhere!

IMG_3602 Allen School of Health Sciences Graduates are everywhere. We were established over 56 years ago and maintain a host of relationships with healthcare facilities. Recently, we started an “I Got Hired” campaign that focuses solely on our Medical Assistant and Nurse Assistant students that were hired from internship or with the assistance of Career Services. […] Read More

Employer Testimonials

shutterstock_168772949 The Allen School of Health Sciences is always proud to get positive feedback from our students and internship sites. Our awesome Career Services Department recently received a couple great testimonials from two of our Medical Assistant internship sites. We would love to share with you their kind words. Dr. Friedman & Dr. Meller: We’ve been […] Read More

Millennials and Healthcare

Heartbeat EKG Love Healthcare Millennials are sometimes critiqued for the things they do differently than generations that came before them. They have even taken it upon themselves to approach healthcare uniquely. Healthcare professionals, here are a few items to take into consideration with Millennial patients: Homework – The tech savvy millennials research their health concerns on the internet before […] Read More

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

shutterstock_133032113 (2) Allen School of Health Sciences is aware that face-to-face classes are not convenient for every learner.  We have a program that can fit into your busy schedule with our online modality. Medical Insurance Billing and Coding training will prepare students for a career in processing patient specific health records within: Hospitals Laboratories Doctor’s Offices Nursing […] Read More

Warning! Look out for Ticks!

Tick warning blog Deadly Tick Virus Summertime is tick season.  Ticks are familiar to most, especially dog owners. A common disease that ticks are known for carrying is Lyme disease. Unfortunately, there is a fatal virus that is getting a lot of attention throughout the nation. Powassan (POW) virus is transferred to humans through a tick bite as […] Read More