Allen School Difference

The Allen School of Health Sciences Everywhere you look there are healthcare schools! Allen School of Health Sciences would like to explain to you what sets us apart from a typical healthcare institution and what we do to promote strong relationships between the students and various departments. We are family owned and we have a family-like atmosphere within our campuses. Some […] Read More

Five Qualities of Prospective Medical Assisting Students

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Allen School of Health Sciences Jamaica Campus Admissions team shared the 5 qualities they look for in prospective Medical Assisting students. The top 5 are as follows: Self-Motivated – Not easily influenced by others such as friends and family members Reliable – Consistently dependable in the quality of their performance Dedicated – Devoted and motivated […] Read More

Morning Ritual: Happiness Boost

The Allen School of Health Sciences thrives when we have happy employees and students. Happiness is not just important for the workplace and school environment, but also personally! Studies have shown that it not only boosts your mood but also your productivity. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that […] Read More

Autism Awareness Month

Are you wondering why there are major landmarks including the White House illuminating blue? Well, this month is Autism Awareness Month and Autism Speaks encourages you to “Light it up Blue!” The color blue symbolizes unity and support for greater acceptance and understanding among those living with autism. Allen School of Health Sciences will be […] Read More

Living a Long & Healthy Life

long life Most people want to live long whether it is to be around to have children, grandchildren, accomplish career goals or even to check things off your bucket list. However, we all know that living long may not equate to living a healthy or quality life. WebMD featured an article listing 4 ways in which you […] Read More

Spring Cleaning: Freshen up your Resume

resume The job market is ever-changing and your resume should be as well. If you have not looked at or altered your resume in the last year then now is the time. The powerhouse site LinkedIn has published a helpful 10 tip article on freshening up your out-of-date resume. Here at the Allen School we have […] Read More

How Are You Managing Your Time?

time Time Management How often to hear someone say, “where did the time go” or “there isn’t enough time in the day?” I am sure we all hear it and say it on a daily bases. Time waits for no one, but that means we have to take into account how we manage it. According to […] Read More

Multiple Sclerosis – Institution for HOPE

This month for Institution for HOPE the Allen School of Health Sciences has been raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. Each month we focus on a different cause or awareness to get students and their families involved in giving back to the community and becoming more informed. Today, we want to share with you more about […] Read More

Tips to be Successful From Our Current MIBC Ambassadors

MIBC Helpful Tips Much to many people’s surprise the Allen School of Health Sciences is national. A lot of prospective and current students assume that we are located in only Brooklyn and Queens, New York; however, we do offer a Medical Billing and Coding program online. The online program caters to those students that are not able to […] Read More

Celebrating American Red Cross Month

red cross volunteer stats March is American Red Cross month. In honor of one of the nation’s leading humanitarian organizations the Allen School of Health Sciences would like to thank them for their efforts. The Red Cross has been a fixture in communities throughout the nation and even in various parts of the world for numerous years. Although the […] Read More