Millennials and Healthcare

Heartbeat EKG Love Healthcare Millennials are sometimes critiqued for the things they do differently than generations that came before them. They have even taken it upon themselves to approach healthcare uniquely. Healthcare professionals, here are a few items to take into consideration with Millennial patients: Homework – The tech savvy millennials research their health concerns on the internet before […] Read More

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

shutterstock_133032113 (2) Allen School of Health Sciences is aware that face-to-face classes are not convenient for every learner.  We have a program that can fit into your busy schedule with our online modality. Medical Insurance Billing and Coding training will prepare students for a career in processing patient specific health records within: Hospitals Laboratories Doctor’s Offices Nursing […] Read More

Warning! Look out for Ticks!

Tick warning blog Deadly Tick Virus Summertime is tick season.  Ticks are familiar to most, especially dog owners. A common disease that ticks are known for carrying is Lyme disease. Unfortunately, there is a fatal virus that is getting a lot of attention throughout the nation. Powassan (POW) virus is transferred to humans through a tick bite as […] Read More

It’s Graduation Time!!

Phoenix class of 2017 Congratulations Graduates Congratulations Allen School of Health Sciences Graduates! Completing your program and graduating will be one of the greatest accomplishments in your life. Revel in this moment as you have completed a huge milestone and can now proudly address yourself as a healthcare professional. This time of year is always filled with excitement as […] Read More

Exercise and Heart Health

shutterstock_185556530 Do you exercise? The benefits of exercising are substantial. There are many reasons why people exercise whether it is to satisfy their body image goals or more so for preventative purposes. Whichever it is, there is good news for fitness enthusiast. Recently, a new study indicated that physically active individuals have a heightened chance of […] Read More

“I Got Hired” Campaign

My career started here Will I land a job post-graduation? This is a familiar question among potential and current students. This concern has grown within the last few years. It has truly been challenging for students graduating from higher education programs nationally to find employment. Allen School of Health Science is well aware of this concern and we work […] Read More

Why is Education Important to YOU?

Five Reasons WHY Education is Important If becoming a healthcare professional is in the forefront of your mind then completing your education must be a priority. Consider these five reasons why education is important as you consider your future: 1. Dreams into Reality – Do you want to elevate yourself and go beyond your current […] Read More

AIDS Awareness

AIDS T SHIRT The Institution for HOPE Campaign for May is AIDS Awareness month! There are a few events occurring institution wide to raise awareness. Also, every Thursday and Friday in the month of May wear RED! There are red Allen School AIDS awareness t-shirts available for purchase in Student Services and 100% of the proceeds will be […] Read More

Tips to Help You Ace A Phone Interview

Phone interview tips Phone interviews are becoming increasingly more popular. Recruiters want to prescreen potential candidates before they invite them in for a face-to-face interview.  Future health care professionals should be prepared before a phone interview with a potential hiring manager. Forbes shared some insight as to how to have a successful phone interview. Preparation Research the company’s […] Read More

Tips to Get YOUR Resume in Shape

Resume tips for recent healthcare grads Recent healthcare graduates with limited work experience sometimes struggle with creating a resume that catches an employer’s attention. With many graduates vying for similar job openings, it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition. Making yourself marketable can still be accomplished with limited work experience. Below are the top five resume tips from professionals […] Read More