Following the Money Part Deux

Back in July, before the screaming town hall silliness of Congress’s August recess and before the slow as molasses delivery of Max Baucus’s Senate Finance Committee health care bill, I wrote a piece about how to gauge the progress of health insurance reform legislation.  I pointed out that insiders on Wall Street, who have paid for unfair […] Read More

Investing In Green Energy

OK so I am DEFINITELY not the next Warren Buffett.  However, I feel pretty smart for having liquidated some poorly performing mutual funds in my 401k account about 5 months ago and using the money ($400) to invest in some 25 shares of General Electric (when it was at $3.56 a share) as well as 100 […] Read More

Multi-tasking Is Self Defeating

Ok, I know I will likely raise the ire of readers here who are, by definition, likely multi-taskers.  I mean, online students typically choose the online methodology for learning precisely because they’re too busy with jobs and family to devote so much time to on-campus classes.  So while you’re here reading, toggling back and forth between […] Read More

Why Job Training Is Essential

It may surprise you to learn that even as layoffs mount and unemployment has passed the 10% mark, there are employers who are having a hard time filling positions that pay $50,000 to $60,000 plus benefits!  How is this possible?  Join me after the jump to find out. Read More

Seeger Plays Health Care Reform Rally in Nyack, NY

Last night, I attended a pro-reform rally at Memorial park in Nyack, New York along the banks of the Hudson in the shadow of the picturesque Tappan Zee Bridge.  Nearly 1000 people turned out to support reform of the broken healthcare system and several musical acts donated their performance to rally the crowd.  The top […] Read More

Obamas and Oprah Stump for Chi-Town Games

This week, the President, his wife and Oprah Winfrey are making a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark to lobby the International Olympic Committee to bring the 2016 Summer Games to their shared hometown of Chicago.  This is the very first time a US president has personally lobbied the IOC for this purpose.  Read More

Yet Another Reason to Love Online Education

It keeps your pooch or pootie from freaking out at “back to school” time.   According to Betsy Saul, founder of (link below the fold), back to school time frequently means empty houses once students return to classes and parents return to focus on work.   Man’s best friend can often feel left in the lurch […] Read More

Smoking Bans Credited with Lower Rates of Heart Attack

I was living in California when the smoking ban went into effect there.  Smokers and barroom patrons were very upset about the law’s passage.  I recall, as a musician playing in many bars and clubs, the friction caused by this switch.  But folks got over it.  Then I moved back to New York and remember […] Read More