Historic Healthcare Speech Tonight

Tonight, President Obama will address a full session of Congress in prime time on the topic of the healthcare legislation currently being debated on Capitol Hill.  Rarely do presidents address the fully assembled Congress outside of the annual State of the Union Address.  So this unusual step is designed to underscore the importance of this […] Read More

The Lion and the King

In the last month, the world lost two iconic figures: Michael Jackson and Senator Edward Kennedy.   The King of Pop and the Lion of the Senate, both these beloved figures left behind a message that has at its core, wisdom for those in the healthcare field.  Follow me over the fold to discuss the thread that […] Read More

The Importance of Sleep

I probably don’t need to tell people who juggle online studies, work and family that it is important to make sure you carve out enough time for sleep.  We all know how spacey and “out of it” we feel when we miss sleep.  Sleep deprivation can be very dangerous.  Yet, recently, UCLA professor and sleep […] Read More

Another Reason to Love Online Education

Allen School’s brick and mortar campuses are in the greater New York Metro area.  So many of us in this community are well aware of the logistics of getting around in one of the world’s most densely  populated areas.  But if you live in any major city, you know what it is like to drive […] Read More

Obesity and the Latest in Weight Loss

This weekend in Royal Oaks, Michigan, officials from the Guinness Book of World Records were on hand to certify the world’s largest cupcake. The 1200+ pound gargantuan snack-cake with bright pink frosting was made using more than 800 eggs, and 200 pounds each of sugar and flour.  Is it any wonder that 75% of Americans are […] Read More

End of Life Planning Doesn’t Kill Granny

Whichever side of the healthcare debate you come down on, everyone can agree that premeditated lying is never cool.  I was especially saddened this week to see so many people – broadcasters, politicians and private citizens  – repeating the ridiculous claim that the current draft of the healthcare bill in Congress contains provisions that establish “death […] Read More