Best Job Markets in the US: Part Deux – NJ’s Monmouth-Ocean Counties

Offering summertime visitors and residents alike sun, surf and proximity to the cultural and economic powerhouse that is New York City, Monmouth and Ocean Counties also rank very high in terms of their career potentials for those seeking employement in healthcare related industries. Read More

The Upside of Losing a Job

It has been said that no occurrence is inherently “good” or “bad” until one decides to apply one of these qualifying labels to it. Now, I know that it is awfully hard to feel good about being handed a pink slip for any reason, especially when it’s due to economic factors beyond one’s control. Yet, those who make the decision to approach the loss of a job less as a tragedy and as more of an opportunity will avoid the fear, sorrow and uncertainty typically experienced by those who automatically decide that losing their job was categorically bad news. If your job was in a sector especially hard hit by the current recession – real estate, finance, automotive – now may be the best time to strike out in a new career direction. Read More