Perseverance – Drew Brees, the Saints and You

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints on their epic Super Bowl win yesterday.  There was a lesson in perseverance to be learned through the remarkable achievement of Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees.  In short, the lesson Brees’s story teaches is to never give up working toward your dreams, no matter what the obstacles.  Follow me over the fold […] Read More

Top 10 Places to Get Ahead

Forbes Magazine did some interesting research on what areas of the US are best positioned for growth.  They compiled a list of the top 10 locations for jobs, income growth and quality of life.  With so many major cities taking a beating in this near-depression, the landscape has changed dramatically in terms of where the […] Read More

Time Management Strategies Essential to Work/Study Balance

Developing time management skills, like any other worthwhile endeavor, requires planning and then lots of practice. But the benefits of mastering your own schedule can be felt in all areas of your life; personal and professional. The overall point of focusing on time management is to become more aware of how you use your time […] Read More

Monday Funnies

Is it Monday again?  Ugh. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by school, work, life, etc.  take a second out for a quick chuckle.  Life cannot be so overwhelming when you consider that someone spent a considerable amount of time teaching this elephant to play basketball. Read More

Take Advantage of New Tax Deductions This Year

Ahh, a new year has begun and that means the new tax season is upon us.  Like many, you may wait until the April 15th IRS deadline for filing.  But this year, there are a range of new tax deductions and credits available to students, drivers, homeowners and home buyers.  With so much of your […] Read More

Great News If You Want A Job In Health Care…

Great news for health care job seekers: According to an article written in  The New York Times, health care employment has increased during the recession, while employment as a whole has declined. The article highlights that regardless of how the current health care reform ends up, industry jobs will likely remain abundant due to the […] Read More

Wii Fit. For Real?

Well, I am a little late to the blog this morning because I have sore shoulders and elbows.  I owe this soreness to the time I spent at the Wii Sports Resort over the weekend.  We purchased Wii for our son this Christmas and it tripped my video game circuit which, while hardwired into every little boy, […] Read More

15 Ways to Blow Your Job Interview

This is an exceptionally funny look at some of the really stupid things people do or say at job interviews.  Culled from professional recruiters, these are all things that actually happened and that should be avoided at all costs if you’re lucky enough to land an interview in this tough employment environment. Read More

President’s Proclamation for MLK Day

THE WHITE HOUSE  Office of the Press Secretary MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR., FEDERAL HOLIDAY, 2010  The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., challenged our Nation to recognize that our individual liberty relies upon our common equality.  In communities marred by division and injustice, the movement he built from the ground up forced open doors to […] Read More

How to Help Haitian Earthquake Victims

In the aftermath of a 7.0 earthquake in the impoverished island nation of Haiti, some of the world’s poorest citizens are dealt an ever more challenging hand than they had been faced with previously.  With so little by way of resources in the best of times, folks in Haiti are now faced with having to […] Read More