Jobs Disappearing (But Not in Healthcare)

An interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal discusses the likely permanent loss of jobs during the Great Recession of 2009.  Obviously, fields closely related to the credit and housing bubbles at the root of the current recession – mortgage brokerages, financial industry, home building etc. – have shed jobs which may never return.  Also, […] Read More

The Past Decade in Only Three Minutes-A Remarkable Video!

The ABC-TV show, “Good Morning America,” had a remarkable video recently that managed to overview the entire past ten years within three minutes. I was surprised by how many things I had forgotten about that were covered in the content and also surprised that we all survived the decade in light of all of the […] Read More

Move Your Money – Beat The Greedy Bankers

I don’t know about you, but I am disgusted with the banksters on Wall Street who wrecked the economy while laughing all the way to their Swiss Bank accounts with our tax-funded bailout money.  Then, after all we as taxpayers did to save their entire industry, they thanked us by jacking up credit card rates […] Read More

How And Where Did Kennedy Die? Your answer may provide insights into how you fit into the new workplace.

In the current job market, there are four different generations working, the first time in American history that this is the case.  Each generation has a different way of communicating and different values and expectations.  According to Greg Hammill, a human resources specialist, there are distinct attitudes, motivational “buttons,” behaviors, habits and expectations identified within […] Read More

Obama Lifts AIDS/HIV Immigration Ban

It was announced today that President Obama has reversed a deeply immoral and perverse policy that has been in effect for the last 22 years.  For the last two decades, if you had AIDS or HIV, you were precluded from entering the USA.  This neanderthal policy, according to Obama, was at odds with our efforts […] Read More

What Do We Call the Ending Decade?

I was born at the beginning of the 70s.  It was a time commemorated by super huge collars on orange paisley, polyester shirts and high heeled, white patent leather, zip-up boots for menfolk.  We think of the Flower Power generation, Viet Nam and the Nixon years as the 60s.  Gordon Gecko’s “Greed is Good” ethos characterized the “Me Decade” known […] Read More

Mall Santas Report: Kids Want Socks This Year

I am a reader/commenter on a number of social action blogs and other online communities.  One of the best parts about blogging IMHO is that you get to really become a member of a community of people.  As part of any community, you get to learn of the perspectives, thinking and experiences of other like […] Read More

Woefully Inadequate Healthcare Reform Bill Passes in Senate

I am disgusted with the passage of the Senate healthcare “reform” bill over the weekend. Besides the inclusion of severe restrictions on womens’ rights to abortions which sets back womens’ rights by 25 years, it also passed without any public option or Medicare buy-in. What’s left is a giveaway to the pigs at a trough that […] Read More