One “Flu” Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

I don’t know about you, but I have never been a proponent of the annual flu vaccine. I have always felt that it was really only necessary for the very young and the very old/infirm. But I also know that influenza became pandemic on a faily predictable schedule about once every 30 years or so. […] Read More

WATCH: Absolutely Amazing Video

As students and people engaged in utilizing cutting edge technologies to learn about rapidly advancing medical science, you will all likely be as astounded by this five minute video presentation.  The perspective it provides on education and employment in the near term is mind-blowing.  The presentation ends with a question:  “What does it all mean?”  […] Read More

Latest Neat-o Advance from the Field of Medicine

I have always been amazed by how far medical science and technology has advanced in the space of the last decades and wrote a piece back in August illustrating how far medical technologies have progressed since the turn of the last century.  Training for a career serving the healthcare field is really exciting because it […] Read More

Following the Money Part Deux

Back in July, before the screaming town hall silliness of Congress’s August recess and before the slow as molasses delivery of Max Baucus’s Senate Finance Committee health care bill, I wrote a piece about how to gauge the progress of health insurance reform legislation.  I pointed out that insiders on Wall Street, who have paid for unfair […] Read More

Investing In Green Energy

OK so I am DEFINITELY not the next Warren Buffett.  However, I feel pretty smart for having liquidated some poorly performing mutual funds in my 401k account about 5 months ago and using the money ($400) to invest in some 25 shares of General Electric (when it was at $3.56 a share) as well as 100 […] Read More

Multi-tasking Is Self Defeating

Ok, I know I will likely raise the ire of readers here who are, by definition, likely multi-taskers.  I mean, online students typically choose the online methodology for learning precisely because they’re too busy with jobs and family to devote so much time to on-campus classes.  So while you’re here reading, toggling back and forth between […] Read More

Why Job Training Is Essential

It may surprise you to learn that even as layoffs mount and unemployment has passed the 10% mark, there are employers who are having a hard time filling positions that pay $50,000 to $60,000 plus benefits!  How is this possible?  Join me after the jump to find out. Read More

Seeger Plays Health Care Reform Rally in Nyack, NY

Last night, I attended a pro-reform rally at Memorial park in Nyack, New York along the banks of the Hudson in the shadow of the picturesque Tappan Zee Bridge.  Nearly 1000 people turned out to support reform of the broken healthcare system and several musical acts donated their performance to rally the crowd.  The top […] Read More